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We received this advice from our IT consultants and thought it was worth passing on to our clients.

Message from Nostra re: Cyber-attack threat – please read.

Hi all,

Friday’s cyber-attack, caused by a malware / ransomware named WannaCry, has affected more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries. Many businesses, including large corporations are among those affected.

The malware infected the NHS in the UK on Friday which forced some hospitals to divert ambulances and cancel scheduled operations.

Renault was also affected forcing the car manufacturer to stop production in both France and Slovenia.

There are a number of solutions in place to prevent viruses and malware of this type reaching Richardson Insurance servers, your laptops and computers. Whilst there is a large amount of protection in place, unfortunately not all spam messages canalways be blocked.

As a reminder please be very careful when opening attachments or clicking on links in an email message.

If the sender is unknown or if the name of the attachment doesn’t look familiar please delete the email message. Also pay extra attention before clicking on any links in an email message as this is a common way to open websites that in turn can contain a virus / malware.

Some examples:

  • Spoof emails – Emails appearing to be sent from a known email address. If in doubt always double-check the sender address. This can usually be done by hovering the mouse over the sender’s name in the message.


  • Unsolicited emails – Emails from unknown senders or what might appear to be coming from well-known companies, banks, charities, etc. Never click on a link sent in an unsolicited email. Also be aware of clicking on a link sent in an email that appears to be coming from a known contact.


  • Social engineering – We have had a number of reports where someone pretending to be from, for instance, Microsoft has called and asked for a remote session to resolve a virus issue.
    Please do not assist or let anyone except for Nostra or any 3rd party known to you to connect remotely to your computer. Nostra engineers use http://connect.nostra.ie to connect remotely. If you have any concerns please contact Nostra to confirm.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at support@nostra.ie



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