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Are you a Motor Caravan owner looking to save on your insurance?

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Are you a Motor Caravan owner looking to save on your insurance?

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To obtain a Motorcaravan Quotation, we will require the following documentation to be provided:

  1. Download and complete the Allianz proposal form HERE and return to              
  2. Copy of Licence front and back for all drivers.
  3. Current and up to date No Claims Bonus or proof of driving experience for all drivers.
  4. 5 Photographs – 3 Outside, 2 Inside.
  5. One of exterior side, one of the front of the vehicle & one of the rear of the vehicle.
  6. One from front to back inside & one from back to front inside.
  7. All Homebuilt or non-professional motorcaravans must show photographs of the gas 
  8. connection to the cooker and the way the gas cylinder is installed.
  9. Engineer’s Report must be completed if the vehicle has been converted.
  10. Motor Caravans over 20 years must have a full DOE certificate of roadworthiness.



The following is included in the policy:

The use of the vehicle is social, domestic and pleasure.
Comprehensive cover
The policy does not offer protected no claims bonus.
Driving other motorcaravans applies to motorcaravans not owned by you or your employer. Cover is restricted to third party cover only


We are celebrating over 30 years of insurance expertise for Motor Caravans . This has been a couple of years like no other and no doubt you are keen to get your beloved motor caravan back on the road!

We welcome all motor caravan owners, regardless of whether they are affiliated to any clubs or, are members of particular schemes. 

With Richardson Insurance your motor caravan  will be insured with Allianz. A global insurer, AA-rated with decades of experience in this area, Allianz serves over 100million clients in 70 countries*. Please see below a summary of benefits with our motor caravan insurance.

To find out more or get a quote, please email or call Gary at (01) 2999 501 (option 2) or The team is on hand to clarify any questions or concerns you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can  offer you peace of min


Are you a Motor Caravan owner looking to save on your insurance?

Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our insurers, Allianz do quote for low roof motor caravans. However full details of all drivers, vehicle photos, log book and SQI engineer’s report where appropriate, and in cases where the vehicle has been modified.

Yes, third party cover applies to pull a trailer.

Yes. Clients have 6 month travel in any one period of insurance

Yes, €400 Windscreen Cover is included as standard under the policy once the approved repairers are used.  Clients can also include enhanced windscreen cover of €2,000 with an additional charge.


With Richardson Insurance Solutions DAC, you get over 50 years of professional experience and over 30 years expertise in Motor Caravan Insurance

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**Breakdown cover is €35 per vehicle and  is a stand alone policy, the main features of which can be reviewed here

Breakdown cover is an additional charge to your Motorcaravan insurance and can also be purchased on its own separate to any insurance for your Motorcaravan. All breakdown cover enquiries should be directed to Gary at the contacts given above.*

Richardson Insurance Solutions DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.                                                © Richardson Insurance.   

Richardson Insurance Solutions DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
© Richardson Insurance.  

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