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COVID-19 Key Insurance Considerations & FAQs

   April 7th , 2020 Dear Valued Customer, As promised, we continue to update you on Covid-19 and its shocking impact on business in Ireland. We are fully aware of the need to keep you well informed about the implications of the  pandemic on your insurance in particular. With that in mind, there are a set of Frequently Asked Questions produced by our industry, from Brokers Ireland,  which will go someway to answering your main concerns. Click below for answers to some of your key questions on your general insurance or financial services business with us: COMMERCIAL INSURANCE Key Questions  HERE FINANCIAL SERVICES 

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Business Interruption Cover – Covid -19- Balcombes Ready Reckoner

Business Interruption Cover – Covid -19 Balcombes Claims Management  has examined many commercial policy wordings and most of them require that in order for the infections disease cover to apply there must either be one of the following: 1. a specified list of diseases – of which Covid 19 is not listed as it is a new disease – no cover applies 2. infectious disease cover with no specified list of diseases – it must have occurred on the premises – unless a staff member is affected it may be impossible to prove – no cover applies 3. infectious disease

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COVID-19 UPDATE 4- SME/Leisure Sector Insured through Accelerant/HDI Global

Please see below the automatic enhancements we are applying all SME/Leisure products Insured through Accelerant/HDI Global during this period to help provide additional peace of mind. With immediate effect we are amending our definition of unoccupied properties on the above products  so that full cover is in place for 60 days rather than the current 30 day limit provided that the Insured or an authorised representative will: Carry out a thorough inspection of the Premises on at least a weekly basis and carry out immediately any work necessary to maintain the security of the Premises Ensure all services are disconnected at the

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INVESTMENT MARKETS- Contending with Covid-19( Zurich Investment Outlook)

Investment markets can be volatile, and we are currently in the midst of a period of extreme volatility. Markets have previously experienced some very significant price falls in concentrated periods from which they have subsequently recovered strongly. This has always been a characteristic of investment markets for decades and longer and it’s one of the reasons why we believe that investing in risk assets should always be a medium to long term proposition . Within that context we aim to add value by making good decisions about individual stocks and, crucially, by making good asset allocation decisions. On occasion not making

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Dear Clients, These are extraordinary and challenging times. and  we have never seen a pandemic like Covid-19 before. It is a time of crisis no doubt, but experience has taught us that now is the time for market expertise, level heads, prudent consideration and action if required. All sorts of questions arise at times like this – how to react to a fall in the value of markets globally and whether it is time to sell or to put cash to work. Markets continue to fluctuate and any decisions in relation to your investments will very much depend on your own

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Pandemic exclusion clause will prevent insurance payouts

Article via – Businesses being forced to close will have no protection for lost profits Hundreds of businesses forced to close because of the coronavirus outbreak will have no protection for lost earnings, because their insurers have removed cover for disruption caused by pandemics or flu-type illnesses. Disruption cover, which is standard in most corporate insurance policies, compensates enterprises that are forced to close while they recover from floods, fires or other disasters. Many insurers have quietly inserted pandemic exclusion clauses in their policies, however, while others have an exclusion for closures arising from “influenza-derivative” illnesses. The exclusions were

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